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Men will never really be able to understand the full extent of what women go through during pregnancy — but these three dads came pretty close.

In honor of UK’s Mother’s Day, friends and colleagues Jason Bramley, Steve Hanson and Jonny Biggins each agreed to don a 33-pound fake pregnant baby bump for one whole month to try to understand the highs and lows of expectant motherhood.

A video documenting the men’s first week with the empathy bellies. (Credit: 3PregnantDads.com)

The 40-something fathers — who all call England home but are currently working in Barcelona for The Book of Everyone, a company that creates personalized books for holidays and family events — first came up with the idea during a brainstorming session for their new mom-focused book, ‘The Book of Mums.’

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Since they first strapped on their pregnancy suits last month, the men have documented their experiences and received advice from real moms on their blog, 3PregnantDads.com. Towards the end of their experiment, fans of the fathers suggested they not only try to understand pregnancy, but also the pain women endure during labor and childbirth.

three pregnant dads

The men pose with their fake pregnancy bellies.

So Jason, Steve and Jonny obliged and were recently hooked up to a machine that electronically simulated contractions and labor pains. After going through the fake childbirth, Jason, 44, wrote, “I felt like I had been turned inside out. I am tired and emotional and am sapped of all energy.”

After one month, the men happily removed their empathy bellies — and revealed they had gained newfound respect for their wives and mothers!

A video documenting the men’s last week with the fake pregnancy bellies. (Credit: 3PregnantDads.com)

“I found a (slightly odd) way of expressing to my mum and wife just how much I admire and love them. Of course I could have just told them, of course I could have just made them a cup of tea, or bought a big bunch flowers with a nice loving note attached. I didn’t. Instead I did this, and I’m very happy I did. Every last moaning moment of it,” Steve wrote of his experience.