If you’re a long-time fan of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you’re probably aware of real-life medium Allison DuBois who found herself in the mix of the ladies. More than likely, though, if that name rings a bell it’s from the fictionalized version of Allison as played by Patricia Arquette in Medium (created by Glenn Gordon Caron, the man behind Moonlighting, Now & Again and Bull) between 2005 and 2011. Well, according to Patricia, there are definitely rumblings that a reboot could be in the cards.

While appearing on The Talk, she was asked about the series that saw her Allison, with the power to sense the past as well as the future, as a consultant to the Phoenix district attorney’s office, a position she attempted to balance with raising three daughters (all of which at different times exhibited some version of her abilities) and her marriage. During the on-air conversation, the subject of a revival or reboot (think Roseanne, Charmed, Magnum, P.I., Will & Grace … the list goes on) came up, to which she commented, “I haven’t been approached about one, and I know there has kind of been some talk online about that. I would definitely read it; I mean, the writing was so great and I love all those people. So I would definitely think about it. I miss all those people.”

Patricia’s fondness for all of it was apparent when, during the show’s fifth year, she gave an interview to The Futon Critic, where she admitted she was surprised as anyone that she was still involved with the series. “I really liked the material but I certainly didn’t expect to be here in five years,” she said, adding that she hadn’t gotten bored with some of the repetition that came with playing the character for so long. In fact, in some ways it felt closer to reality. “I think you need that normalcy. And also that’s part of what’s interesting about doing a long-term project is it’s like a long-term relationship; like you run into sort of one pattern and you keep doing that same pattern over and over and over again, then you have a breakthrough, then you go back to cases, then you keep doing the same pattern over and over again and you don’t notice it. So it’s sort of what I struggle with sometimes and yet I also see the value in it and I see the realism in that also.”

Well, apparently she still sees the value.

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