Maya Rudolph is getting candid about her busy life outside of the Hollywood spotlight!

In a new interview, the Bridesmaids actress — and one of the most successful comediennes in showbiz, may we add! — opened up about raising four kids and her body evolution over the years.

“I’ve been, like, 30 sizes in the last 10 years,” Maya, 43, joked to Yahoo! Style about how her figure has changed after giving birth to her children.

maya rudolph

Maya at the Oscars in February 2015.

Maya then dished about raising her four little ones — Pearl, 10, Lucille, 6, Jack, 4, and Minnie, 2 — with her partner of 14 years, director Paul Thomas Anderson. “It’s not enough [kids] for a basketball team, but it could be a rock band,” she said of her family. “Some of my girls like to wear their hair in a certain way. Some of them don’t like to put on their shoes until they’re right about to walk out the door. One of my kids is not a breakfast person.”

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One thing is for sure, however, Maya’s children get their senses of humor from their famous momma! “My kids are funny,” she continued. “But the punch line of every joke is either pee or poop. For my son, the punch line is usually ‘poo-poo face.’ Gets ’em every time.”