He’s not like a regular dad. He’s a cool dad. Matthew Morrison has played many roles on the stage and screen throughout his career, but these days the role of father fits him quite well.

The Glee alum, 40, and wife Renee Puente are proud parents to their 18-month-old son, Revel James Makai Morrison, who was born on October 12, 2017. “He’s great! He’s amazing!” Matthew exclusively told Closer Weekly at the Hello Tushy‘s Funeral For a Tree at Judson Memorial Church in New York City on Thursday, April 25. He added that Revel has taught him about patience and opened his eyes to time management.

“More than that,” Matthew continued, “it’s opened my eyes to really knowing what the word ‘love’ means. My heart is outside of my body now — it’s living in him. It’s a joy.” Aww!

As for whether or not he and Renee are thinking about having more children, the Tony- and Emmy-nominated actor is quick to answer with “absolutely.” The only question is how many. See, Matthew is and only child while Renee has six siblings. So she wanted multiple and he wanted one. “Two. Two is good,” Matthew noted, clearly having arrived at a compromise with Renne. “I don’t know why people are having so many kids.”

Matthew is also vocal about wanting to “help out other dads” and really wanting to “champion other fathers to just be involved.” He spoke about an Italian friend whose husband has never changed a diaper before, leaving her to do it because she is the woman. Being the man, Matthew actually said he loves changing Revel’s diaper.

“It makes me feel more connected with him and keeps me in tune to what he has been eating,” the Grey’s Anatomy guest star explained. “I am a master of poo now.”

As for Revel’s latest milestone, Matthew revealed that his little guy is “a boob shark” and they’re trying to “wean him off the boob at night.” Why? Because Renee can’t sleep since there’s a baby climbing all over her.” To fix that, she is sleeping in another room and Matthew is sleeping with Revel.

“The first couple of nights were really tough because he was just crying and screaming, but now we are in this kind of rhythm,” the Finding Neverland star gushed. “He just gets on me and he is, like, bummed I don’t have a boob but I am going to lay on you anyways. That has been kind of beautiful and it feels like we are connecting.”

If you ask us, it sounds like Matthew has this whole dad thing figured out pretty well.