Matthew McConaughey has portrayed dozens of iconic characters throughout his Hollywood career, but “being a dad” of his three kids has been the movie star’s “only dream.” The Interstellar alum marveled over the “privilege and responsibility” he has raising Levi, Vida and Livingston.

“The only thing I ever knew I wanted to be was a father,” the 50-year-old hunk gushed to People in a new interview in mid-October. “And it’s remained the pinnacle for me. I can’t think of anything being more important.”

Matthew McConaughey Camilla

The How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days star — who shares sons Levi, 12, and Livingston, 8, and daughter Vida, 10, with wife Camila Alves — praised his kiddos for being “very caring and kind individuals.” Matthew said he hopes his children will grow up to be “conscientious, confident and autonomous.”

This should come pretty easy as the film icon and the Brazilian-American model, 38, give their youngsters all the support in the world. “I can tell you this: I’m happy and confident to say our kids do not question the love we have in our family,” the proud dad gushed.

Though his adorable kids are still young, Matthew — who tied the knot with Camila in 2012 — insisted they’re already extremely “creative.” When they’re not doing their schoolwork or playing together around the house, the Gentlemen alum said they’re very “into” learning about photography.

“All three [of the kids],” he dished. “They’re becoming a production crew. It’s very cool, [and] they’re starting to get kind of good at it.” The True Detective star’s kiddos are also “becoming pretty good storytellers,” he added.

Matthew McConaughey Camila Alves

“Our youngest one will come fill us in [on the book he’s reading]: ‘Oh, I’m on chapter two … ,'” Matthew said of Livingston. “Vida really likes to paint and draw and loves graphic novels.”

As for Levi, Matthew said his eldest son is a huge “music” fan. “He [basically] came out of the womb knowing a minor from major key on the piano. He [recently] got into listening to composers, and he now can listen to a movie and tell you, ‘Oh, that’s Hans Zimmer,’ or ‘That’s John Williams,’ which is really cool.”

The Academy Award winner revealed his children were honing on their talents while quarantining amid the coronavirus pandemic earlier this year. Matthew applauded Levi, Vida and Livingston for learning to be “more self-reliant” and forcing themselves to “create their way out of their boredom.”

“They have doubled down on their hobbies, creative things and parts of themselves,” he shared.

It sounds like Matthew’s kids are going to be just as successful as he is one day!