Matt Lauer Is "In Bad Shape" Amid Divorce From Wife Annette Roque (REPORT)

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Things aren't looking up for Matt Lauer. Months after the 60-year-old was fired from Today due to sexual misconduct allegations, Matt is reportedly "in bad shape" as his divorce from wife Annette Roque, 52, forges on. "Matt cut himself off from the life he knew in Manhattan and has remained for the most part isolated [in the Hamptons]. He looks exhausted. Matt is finally coming to terms with the reality that his marriage is over and he is in bad shape," a source revealed in a new interview.

"He feels he lost everything important in his life overnight. He is embarrassed and ashamed," the insider recently told Entertainment Tonight. "There is no chance at this point they will work things out. Matt held on to the idea that Annette might eventually forgive him because she had always stuck by him but now he has no hope."

According to the source, Matt and Annette — who are parents to kids Jack, 16, Romy, 14, and Thijs, 11, together — have already met with attorneys and are moving forward with their divorce proceedings. "They are settling all the details. Annette's friends don't feel [the split] was overnight. It has been building for years. The truth has finally surfaced. They barely ever speak to each other anymore and only recently tried to constructively discuss the divorce settlement," the insider shared.

"Annette is angry. She feels Matt's behavior has affected a lot of people and has embarrassed the whole family. Annette plans to receive a very good settlement in this divorce. She wants to make sure she and the children will always be well taken care of. Matt feels terrible and regrets his behavior but his regret isn't enough right now. It feels like all doors have closed for him," the source continued.

Matt in the Hamptons after his firing. (Photo Credit: Splash)

Following Matt's Today scandal, an insider told Life & Style that the TV star once hoped that he and Annette — who previously filed for divorce in 2006 citing "mental abuse, extreme mental and emotional distress, humiliation, torment, and anxiety" — could reconcile their 19-year marriage. "Matt’s begging Annette not to divorce him. He’s trying to convince her that this scandal could actually make them stronger. He’s making promises, saying all the right things, and he’s more available than ever. Annette sees that, but she’s still very conflicted," the insider revealed in January.

Even before his firing, Matt and Annette's marital issues were allegedly not a secret to those around them. In fact, a former Today employee once revealed that "everyone on staff" knew that Matt was regularly unfaithful to his spouse. "His wife lives in the Hamptons and he lives in [NYC], but we never heard he made unwanted moves. Everyone on staff knew he cheated regularly on his wife. That wasn’t a secret, but sexual [misconduct] is a shock. He was friendly and approachable with everyone, and was very well-liked," the insider said.

Matt and his wife, Annette. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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