Matt Lauer is baring all!

In a fun new video, the Today co-anchor, 57, revealed 73 interesting facts about himself — everything from his pre-show ritual to his favorite TV series!

See 10 of the personal secrets he confessed in the rapid-fire interview below.

  1. Pre-Show Ritual? Rubbing costar Al Roker's bald head!

  2. Typical bedtime? 9 or 9:30 p.m.

  3. Style icon? James Bond.

  4. Favorite TV show? 'Cheers'

  5. 'Today' guest he was most nervous to interview? Chris Rock.

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  1. Favorite food? Pizza.

  2. If given the chance, who would he switch lives with? One of his three kids.

  3. The biggest misconception about him? Despite the rumors, he is not difficult to work with.

  4. If he could teach a college course, what would the topic be? Manners.

  5. What would people be most surprised to learn about the 'Today' cast? They really all get along!

Watch Matt's '73 Questions' chat with 'Vogue' in the video below.