Disgraced Today host Matt Lauer is a shadow of his former self, according to his neighbors in the Hamptons. It has only been a few months since the 60-year-old was fired from the NBC morning show amid accusations of sexual misconduct, but those months of hiding at his Long Island estate have really taken a toll on him, it seems.

“He just looks very, very sad,” an employee at a local store recently told In Touch. “He used to be so friendly and chatty, just like he was on TV. Now he keeps his head down. You can tell he’s not really in the best place.” Another neighbor said that Matt isn’t ready for his closeup, so to speak. “He doesn’t look like he did when he was on TV,” this Hamptons resident revealed. “He’s skinny… It looks like he’s aged 10 years.”

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And a third neighbor shared that the former anchor is flying solo, with his wife of 19 years Annette Roque noticeably absent: “I used to see him out with her, but never anymore. He’s usually by himself.” As Closer Weekly reported last month, Annette has already left Matt. “She called him and told him that she was divorcing him,” a source told the mag. “Annette didn’t give Matt the chance to beg and plead like he has for years. She told him her lawyer would contact him, and then she hung up. Simple as that.”

These days, as her husband apparently wallows in despair, Annette has been enjoying a fresh start overseas. “She’s taken off her wedding ring and has been living the high life in Europe,” the source added. “She’s acting like a woman who has already moved on from a hellish marriage.” With his life in such dire straits, Matt reportedly wants to take other media bigwigs down with him. In Touch revealed that he’s writing a tell-all. “Matt will name powerful men he knows, some famous, who did the same thing he did,” an insider said. “He will expose people. He knows all their dirty secrets… He realizes that the juicier the story, the bigger the payday.” A big payday will inevitably get Matt out of any doldrums he’s weathering. But we’re not sure America is ready to see him smiling again.

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