Just when Matt Lauer thought things couldn’t get much worse, they did. Nearly seven months after the veteran journalist was fired from the Today show for sexual misconduct and dumped by his wife, Annette Roque, he’s still tangling with karma.

Matt, 60, and Annette, 52, are both staying at their $36 million Hamptons compound, but she’s in the main house while he’s staying in a guesthouse. And she doesn’t even allow him to show his face when she has people over. “Annette threw a party for her friends,” a source recently told In Touch. “Matt wasn’t allowed to go anywhere near it!”

matt lauer pics

But, that’s not all — Matt’s having some car trouble, too. A source told In Touch that Matt got several tickets over Memorial Day weekend. “He’s trying to sell an older car and he had it parked in front of a Starbucks in East Hampton, NY for about four hours. You can only park there for a certain amount of time, and the cops had to call him to come get the car.”

Aside from his bank account being roughed up because of all the parking tickets, Matt got some physical bruises as well. “He was riding a bicycle and had a little wreck,” the source said. “He fell and messed up his face; apparently he has a big scrape.” Ouch!

matt lauer pics

Despite all of these woes, Matt really tried to make things better with Annette — a part of his life he thought he could control. The source explained that although he and Annette are sorting out a divorce, Matt bought her a puppy. But the gift didn’t improve relations, and the pair are “not even talking to each other.” Also not fond of Matt? The new pup! “It bit him,” the source said.

And while it might be time for Matt and Annette to go their separate ways, he’s been having a hard time selling their other Hamptons house. Matt’s been trying to unload this 25-acre property since 2016, and he’s had no luck. He’s dropped the original $18 million asking price several times, and it’s currently a steal — for the filthy rich — at $12.75 million.