During a recent “TODAY” show appearance, Martha Stewart shared which celebrity she’s currently crushing on, and it’s mainly due to his physique in one particular movie!

“I have lots of crushes, I love having crushes,” the domestic diva said. “But lately I think it’s Christian Bale. I just watched ‘American Psycho,’ where he looks really good.”

We’re not surprised by Stewart’s admission, considering those abs Bale paraded around while playing serial killer Patrick Bateman in the 2000 drama!

christian bale

But the 72-year-old admits that her crush on Bale doesn’t extend to his latest movie role, playing pot-bellied con-artist Irving Rosenfeld in “American Hustle,” which she noted he “looks really bad [in].”

christian bale

The actor reportedly gained 40 lbs for the role, which Stewart joked “would have been a good time for him to eat at my house.”

But then the business mogul slyly added, “I don’t think eating is exactly what I want to do with Christian Bale.”

Care to elaborate, Ms. Stewart? “Maybe take a walk or the movies,” she said with a laugh!

We’d like to “take a walk” with Mr. Bale too!