Aww!Mark Wahlberg Is “Super Overprotective” of His 13-Year-Old Daughter’s Dating Life

She’ll always be his little girl!

Mark Wahlberg opened up in a new interview about fatherhood and revealed that he can hardly bear the idea of his eldest daughter, Ella Rae, 13, dating.

“Nobody is a good type or sort,” the 46-year old actor told Entertainment Tonight at the Tuesday, June 20 premiere of Transformers: The Last Knight. “For me, you know, I’m super overprotective.”

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According to the dad-of-four — who also shares kids Michael, 11, Brendan, 8, and Grace, 7, with wife Rhea Durham — Ella is already getting to know a special someone. “But he’s just a very nice, young, smart boy who is very polite and well prepared,” Mark said.

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During his chat with ET, the former rapper said that his paternal instincts also kicked in while filming the latest Transformers installment with his 15-year-old co-star Isabela Moner. “She’s a sweetheart, she’s growing up too fast,” he shared. “It’s just the fatherly thing in me, you know? I just don’t want [her] being anything other than sheltered and protected.”

During a 2014 interview with Esquire, Mark — who is the youngest of nine siblings, including his famous brother Donnie Wahlberg — said that he hopes to give his kids the childhood he never had.

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“I think the most important thing is to always be involved in every aspect of their life. To give them enough trust that they can share things with you,” he said, explaining how his parenting style differs from what he experienced with his own mom and dad. “I don’t want them to be terrified of me, you know? But I don’t want them to think they can do whatever they want and get away with it, either, because they can’t.”

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In 2016, he told Esquire UK that of all the roles he’s had, Dad is by far his favorite. “When you become a father you either change drastically or you’re gonna go towards the dark side,” he said at the time. “Having happy healthy kids is how I measure success.”

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