Quite the odd pair! Mark Wahlberg and James Corden have found that they have one major thing in common that has brought them together: wine.

“Mark has never had an easy time making friends inside Hollywood or out, but he’s known from the beginning that James is a lot more like him than it would appear on the outside,” an insider exclusively told Closer Weekly. “They’ve known each other for a while but lately they’ve been getting together to hang out in Mark’s wine cellar and enjoy expensive bottles from his collection. He doesn’t let just anyone in there but this is their perfect idea of a boys’ night.” The source added, “These two may seem like an odd match but they’re always laughing whenever they’re together. It wouldn’t be a surprise if they wind up making a movie together soon!”

Mark Wahlberg
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The Ted actor, 47, and Late Late Show host, 40, are two very different characters, as Mark is known as quite the tough action star while James is all about comedy sketches and his very popular YouTube series “Carpool Karaoke.” Although the former did once reveal how emotionally touching his latest film Instant Family was to him, which was a movie about him and his onscreen wife (played by Rose Byrne) adopting children.

James Corden
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“So in the film, my wife and I have become pretty successful in our business of flipping houses, but there’s always this kind of competition back can forth with her and her sisters about having children, not having children, feeling the pressure of having children,” The Departed star said at the time. “When Ellie starts to realize that there are so many children in the foster care system who desperately need homes, you can’t help but want to explore this and bring as many kids home as possible — not knowing all the different things that you will face bringing children into your home. You know, all the things they’ve been through and just what it takes to kind of bond and connect and become a real family.”

He added, “I’m resistant to the idea, but as soon as I see these kids and these beautiful faces, I’m, like, ‘Oh my God, we have to look into this.’ And it really becomes this kind of rollercoaster of a ride.”

Well, it certainly seems like there is a sensitive side to Mark, but I’m sure he and James won’t discuss that while partaking in their wine-drinking activities.

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