When Mark Ruffalo isn’t busy turning green when someone gets him upset (that’s a Marvel reference for you all), he’s off filling people with joy this holiday season, as the actor recently tweeted out a Starbucks gift card so that all his fans could have a cup of caffeine on him.

The 51-year-old recently took to Twitter to share a $100 gift card with the caption, “I was so inspired by your generous spirit during the #PayItForwardChallenge last year that I want to do it again this holiday season!” His fans and followers were able to enjoy a free drink, add more money to the card, or even start their own gift card. As you can imagine, the original $100 was used up in a flash.

Mark’s awesome gesture, of course, inspired plenty of others to pay it forward. And we’re not talking about that Haley Joel Osment movie from 2000 where he ends up dying (sorry for the spoiler), we’re talking about people not only adding money to Mark’s original card but creating their own card as well. Mark also challenged some of his fellow celebrity pals to participate in the fun as well. “Let’s shake it up! I challenge Don Cheadle, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Shaun King to join me in spreading the holiday cheer,” Mark wrote in another tweet. “You can start your own gift card, add to this one, or donate to an organization of your choice.”

And Mark wasn’t done, as he also tweeted out a Barnes and Noble gift card worth $200. This guy…. what a guy.

This isn’t the only act of generosity that a celebrity has done this holiday season, as Tyler Perry recently decided to pay off $430,000 of Walmart layaways. “I was trying to do this anonymously but oh well!!!” the actor and director said on Twitter. “I know it’s hard times, everyone’s struggling and I’m just really, really grateful to be able to be in a position to do this. So, God bless you, go get your stuff. Merry Christmas!”