Father-of-three Mark Consuelos simply couldn’t be happier to be working with his wife and the mother of his kids, Kelly Ripa, on Season 3 of Riverdale. Since they met on-set while filming All My Children back in the ’90s, it was almost déjà vu for the actor and Kelly, 48, to be able to work together again after more than 10 years.

“It was awesome,” Mark, 47, gushed to Good Housekeeping in a new interview. “It was such a treat. That’s how I started my career, working with my wife. We haven’t done it in such a long time, acting-wise. It was really good to have her on the show. She knows a lot of the cast. They met over the summer when she was visiting Vancouver. It was just a lot of fun.”

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On the show, Mark plays Hiram Lodge. And, a few months ago, Kelly announced she was cast as Hiram’s mistress on the popular show by posting a photo to Instagram of herself holding a whip while wearing a sexy black dress. She captioned the steamy pic, “It’s a family affair … Hiram’s mistress. 23 years of auditioning for a role I was born to play. Coming soon to the @thecwriverdale.”

Mark hasn’t yet announced which episode his wife is set to appear in but some fans believe Kelly will make her debut in an upcoming episode titled “The Red Dahlia,” which will air on Wednesday, January, 30. How exciting!

As for Mark, he enjoys playing his villainous character on Riverdale because he likes to take on different roles. “I’ve played so many good guys throughout my career, so it’s always fun to do something different to play a bad guy,” he said. “There’s bad guys — and then there’s Hiram Lodge.”

Mark already had his 21-year-old son, Michael Consuelos, play the younger version of his character on the show, so it’s exciting to see Kelly now joining the show, too! Riverdale airs every Wednesday night on the CW.