Rest in peace. Mario Lopez is sadly mourning the loss of his beloved grandmother, Nana Rosa, after she died at age 95 earlier this week. The TV star took to both Instagram and Twitter to confirm the news of her passing and post two sweet photos of Rosa on Thursday, Oct. 19. Watch the video below to read Mario’s sweet tribute to his grandmother.

After Mario revealed his grandma’s death, his more than 970,000 Instagram followers began sending their condolences to the actor and his family. “I am so sorry for your loss. She will forever live in your heart. May your Abuela [rest in peace],” one person wrote with another adding, “May God give you and your family strength during this difficult time???.” A third person kindly wrote, “I am so very sorry for you and your family’s loss. To lose our Abuelitas is to lose our greatest treasure, a piece of our history, as no one can tell the stories quite like they do. Praying for comfort, love, and strength for you and your family during this difficult time.”

In the past, Mario — who is a father to two kids Gia, 7, and Nico, 4, with wife Courtney Mazza Lopez — has candidly spoken out about his family, faith, and why he is proud of his Latino background. “It’s so important. It’s a beautiful culture. I think you should be proud of your heritage and celebrate it and at the same [time], if you’re first generation like I am, you embrace American culture as well,” he said in a previous interview. As for his parenting philosphy? Mario and Courtney, 35, are doing their best to raise their children to simply be good people.

“We try to go to church as a family every week… They’re definitely going to go to Catholic school. It’s really important to me that they get a faith-based education,” Mario told Parents magazine in 2015. “First and foremost, [we’re teaching them] to treat others with respect. Be polite: Manners go a long way. Try to come from a good place. And aside from that, stay focused and do the right thing.”