Rare Photos of Marilyn Monroe to Be Showcased at London Exhibit — Here’s a Peek!

More than 50 years after her tragic death, Marilyn Monroe remains a culture icon, and she continues to reel in attention as rare photographs of her from a random week in New York City are on display at a London gallery.

The collection of candid photos were taken in 1955 by young photographer Ed Feingersh, only 29 at the time. It all kicked of when Ed was commissioned to document a week in the life of the legendary actress during a time in her life where she was trying to be taken seriously in Hollywood. The photographer found himself taking photos of the Some Like It Hot star in March of that year while Marilyn prepared for two public appearances.

Marilyn Monroe
Ed Feingersh/Getty Images

Some of the photos on display will show Marilyn drinking wine, riding the subway and just hanging around the city.

These very rare photos will be showcased from February 15 to March 30, 2019 at the Gallerie Prints in Wimbledon in a collaboration with the Getty Images Archive & Gallery London.

Scroll on down to see some of these rare Marilyn Monroe photos!

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