A vengeful Marilyn Monroe nearly attacked her lover, Bobby Kennedy, with a knife hours before she died, a new episode of “The Killing of Marilyn Monroe” podcast claims.

Experts in episode 11 of the series revealed disturbing details of how Marilyn cornered the country’s attorney general on August 4, 1962, less than 24 hours before she was found dead in her Brentwood, California home. The Hollywood icon’s terrifying last encounter was fueled by the famed politician’s refusal to carry on their affair in an effort to save his marriage and family legacy.

“They started arguing and it escalated. Marilyn grabbed a knife that was on the table because she had some food out. She lunged at Bobby and cut his hand,” author Fabulous Gabriel alleged in the episode.

Also on hand to back Kennedy in the argument was Peter Lawford. The actor, who was also married to Patricia Kennedy, attempted to calm Marilyn down.


“Lawford’s voice was heard, ordering Marilyn to drop the knife, there was a scuffle and apparently one of them — either Bobby or Lawford — wrestled the knife away from her,” biographer Danforth Prince claimed.

The violent argument was allegedly recorded by the FBI and CIA, who were believed to have been wiretapping the actress’ home to catch her dirty little secrets on tape, the podcast revealed.

Episode 11 also provided another shocking motive for the feud between Marilyn and Bobby. Entertainment journalist Charles Casillo claimed there was a record of Marilyn checking into a hospital in the summer of 1962 to terminate a baby believed to be Bobby’s.

Charles claimed one of Marilyn’s publicists “emphatically told me that she had an abortion and that they knew it was Bobby Kennedy’s.”

Marilyn Monroe

Despite Marilyn’s violent acts, actor Gianni Russo – who witnessed Marilyn formerly being drugged and abused – concluded it was Bobby Kennedy who ultimately murdered the Hollywood icon later that night.

“Do the process of elimination yourself,” Gianni said. “Who would kill Marilyn Monroe? Who had something to gain? Only Bobby Kennedy, and he did it.”

As many know, Marilyn’s mysterious death appeared to be covered up in the days following August 5, 1962. Experts in the podcast revealed the actress’ organs and tissue samples, in addition to police records, vanished.

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