Since Marie Osmond started cohosting The Talk, she’s been thinking a lot about her late mother, Olive Osmond, and all of the advice she would give her on her new business venture. While taking to Instagram on Sunday, September 16, Marie admitted that “gratitude” has been her “go-to emotion for the entire past week” because that’s what she’s been feeling when she thinks about Olive.

“I thought a lot about my Mom this week and what advice she might give me as I pulled my chair up to the table at @thetalkcbs,” she said. “The instrument has not yet been invented that can measure the gratitude I feel for my Mother and the things she taught me through my life. The memories I have of her wisdom pop up often and this saying came to mind this week.”

Marie Osmond and her mother, Olive

The beautiful saying that Marie was talking about was shared alongside her long caption and it read, “gratitude is the memory of the heart.” In the post, Marie opened up more about her mother and her father, George Osmond, when she explained another great teaching that she learned from them.

“Good things come to those who wait. Better things come to those who don’t give up. The best things come to those who work hard!” she wrote. “[Olive] and my Dad really did teach us that the best things come because of patience, perseverance and simple hard work. She said it over and over again. Changing jobs is a risk, but thankfully I can hear her voice in my head saying, ‘don’t worry, Marie the only opportunity missed is a chance not taken.'”

Marie’s fans completely agreed with her inspirational post because it’s been liked over 3,000 times. At the end of the caption, the “Deep Purple” singer asked her followers on Instagram to share their best stories about taking a risk and in return, Marie shared her story about ending her Las Vegas residency to pursue a job on The Talk.

“I feel confident with this wonderful opportunity I have made,” she gushed. “Let’s inspire each other!!”