So sweet! Marie Osmond recently celebrated her 8th wedding anniversary with her husband, Steve Craig, in the best way possible — by simply “being grateful.”

The “Paper Roses” singer, 59, took to Instagram on Sunday, May 5, to tell her fans what a joy it has been “to celebrate another year full of love.” She added, “It is such a blessing and something you can be sure I will never take for granted.” Marie and Steve were previously married from 1982 until 1985. They remarried in 2011.

However, the Donny & Marie star didn’t learn how to become grateful all on her own. After reading John Kralik‘s A Simple Act of Gratitude, she started to see how helpful it was to write a thank you note — just like the author did — every day.

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“He was determined to find a reason to be thankful!” Marie wrote in the post. “While he was writing thank you notes, he began to see wonderful things all around him that he hadn’t noticed before. That’s when he realized it’s our natural tendency to focus on the bad things that happen and forget about the one good thing that happened. He also found out as he wrote the notes that gratitude is one of those rare things you get more of by giving it away. To date he has written and received more than 2,000 thank you notes!”

Marie added that if we write thank you notes every day it would “change our lives” and “bring more peace” into our souls. Her fans also agreed with her inspirational post.

Marie Osmond
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“I love this so much! I have been doing the exact same thing — I have written a thank you note every day for six years without missing a single day. Not a day!” one of her followers wrote in the comments. “Like the author you mention, the lessons I have gleaned from doing this and the love that has been placed in my heart cannot be overstated. I am so passionate about this concept and the power it wields that I almost hyperventilate and want to cry and shout about it from the rooftops! Amen, sistaaaaaaa! Amen!💗💗.”

Thanks for the life advice, Marie!

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