Quite the praise! Marie Osmond of course loves all her grandkids the same, but she took some time recently to make her grandson Stephen feel very special on his birthday.

“Happy Birthday to the cutest six-year-old on the planet!” the 60-year-old wrote via Instagram on Wednesday, December 18, alongside four pics of Stephen. “Grandma loves you so so so so much!!!!” People were loving the post, as they took to the comments section to respond.

“Happy happy birthday darling boy!!! Six is such a fun age for a birthday,” one person said. Another added, “Wow six already. … Time goes by so quickly that’s for sure.” This isn’t the first time that the “Paper Roses” singer has gushed about the little one. Just recently, the performer couldn’t help but to be so proud of Stephen as she watched him perform in school.

“My grandson Stephen is the absolute cutest!!” the entertainer wrote next to a clip showing her grandson performing on stage. “Watch, he kept making eye contact with me while singing last night with @millennial_choir. He even says ‘Grandma!’ at the very end!! My heart is going to explode with love.” So sweet! While it is clear that Marie is crazy about her grandkids, she does try her best to steer clear from going overboard when it comes to giving them gifts.

“I love being a grandma. You get all the love because you get to do all the spoiling,” Donny Osmond‘s sister said in an issue of Closer Weekly. “I absolutely spoil them, although I don’t get into too many gifts because I don’t want to ruin the message of Christmas. But you know, Grandma’s always fun.” Marie — who is a mother-of-eight — also makes sure not to give her grown kids any parenting advice.

“I don’t give my children parenting advice because they have to do it their way,” The Talk cohost admitted. “I just don’t want to be that kind of grandparent. I believe every child, every parent is unique.”

Well one thing is for sure: Marie is a fantastic grandmother who gives each one of her grandchildren all the attention they deserve!