On April 10, Marie Osmond participated in the worldwide fast for Good Friday. The 60-year-old singer said she decided to go without food for one day because of some advice her mother gave her.

“She always said fasting and prayer go together because if I fast without praying, I will just be hungry!” Marie said on Sunday, April 12. “Then she said fasting sets aside the needs of our physical bodies and gives us more focus on our spiritual selves. We can feel the Holy Ghost more powerfully.”

marie osmond

The “Deep Purple” singer revealed she skipped three meals on Good Friday. “I fast 24 hours so I won’t eat dinner, then go to bed and skip breakfast and lunch. I will break the fast with the next dinner,” she said. “It was wonderful to be part of a community of people joining together looking for peace.”

Once the fast was over, Marie admitted she felt like a brand new woman. “This fast changed me!” she gushed. And it was exactly what she needed amid the coronavirus outbreak. The only thing that has been keeping the Talk cohost afloat has been her family. On Sunday, March 22, Marie opened up about the extra time she’s been spending with her husband, Steve Craig.

“After growing up with a large family of brothers and then 36 years of raising my children, I’m enjoying being alone with my husband,” she marveled on Instagram. “It has been a blessing to have that time together especially after being apart for over 25 years!”

Plus, Marie’s kids have made her feel so proud to be a mom during this time. “It’s one of those things where I know there are difficult times, and there are a lot of people going through trials. But for me, as a mother, it has been such a joy to see. Because you wonder, when you leave this earth are your children going to stay close? Are they still going to still connect? And I know they will,” she said on The Talk. “It’s just been this wonderful peace that they really love each other and they’re looking out for each other. For me, that’s been such an incredible joy as a mom.”