While stopping by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday, September 16, Marie Osmond opened up about her new gig on The Talk and life growing up as one of Hollywood’s most beloved singers. It wasn’t until the 59-year-old beauty hilariously divulged her personal favorite way to unwind during time off, though, that she really grabbed the audience’s attention.

“Oh, it’s so boring,” Marie said as Stephen and the crowd cracked up in unison. “So … I like to … clean,” she then sheepishly admitted. “I go home and clean the house.” Although being a late-night clean freak doesn’t sound like the most relaxing, Marie insisted it does her soul good. “It’s very soothing!” she quipped.

Donny Osmond and Marie Osmond 1977
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The “Paper Roses” songstress might not mind cleaning her house nowadays, but she was the first to admit that wasn’t always the case. “When I was a young girl, and the Donny & Marie show was like dubbed into 17 different languages, it was worldwide and I thought I was pretty cool as a 16-year-old,” she explained. “I was like of like, for the young people, the Selena Gomez of whatever that era,'” she said with a laugh.

“And so, I went home one night, and we had to memorize like 350 pages in two and a half days, and do our schooling and learn everything,” the brunette beauty continued, referring to her and brother Donny Osmond‘s former 1970’s variety show. “I walked in and my mom said, ‘You need to do your chores,’ and it had been a 16-hour day. And she looked and me and said, ‘Well, you haven’t done your chores.'”

Donny Osmond and Marie Osmond 1977
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Marie then revealed the most comedic reason for why she thought she shouldn’t have to do her chores. “I went, ‘Mother, I’m me. I have to look good tomorrow,'” she hilariously recalled. “And she goes, ‘Really?’ and I said, ‘Well, yeah, we’re taping and I have to get my rest.’ And she said, ‘Oh, OK, well instead of doing the kitchen, now you can do the toilets too,'” she said. “I learned very quickly that this was a job and no, there’s reality.” Too funny!

The former Dancing With the Stars contestant — who is the proud mom of Stephen, 36, Jessica, 31, Rachael, 30, Brandon, 22, Brianna, 21, Matthew, 20, Abigail, 17, and late son Michael — even dished that she passed that form of mothering onto her kids. “I have a housekeeper that helps me, but she never does their rooms,” Marie explained. “And they go, ‘Well, why?’ And I say it’s because I had to clean the toilets!'” LOL!

Marie is one funny gal!

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