Things haven’t always been easy for Marie Osmond.

Though the 57-year-old singer has reached mega showbiz success today, her start in Hollywood was one of the most difficult life challenges she’s ever faced.

“When I was 15, a producer told me I was an embarrassment to my family and that I needed to keep food out of my fat face; that 260 people could lose their jobs because I was getting fat and ugly,” Marie recently revealed.

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At the time, the “A Little Bit Country, a Little Bit Rock ‘n’ Roll” songstress kept herself busy with her music career. “I was working 18-hour days six or seven days a week, and when I wasn’t doing shows, I was in the recording studio,” Marie said during a Conversations With Norm Q&A with columnist Norm Clarke in Las Vegas. “My life was pretty much mapped out for me 24/7.”

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Marie performing with her brother Donny Osmond in 2011.

When she was just 25 years old, Marie divorced her first husband, Steve Craig, and again fell on hard times. “I had a child, I was a single mother, and I didn’t know if I could feed [my son] or pay my rent,” she recalled. “I realized I was now emotionally damaged enough to genuinely sing country music!”

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Today, Marie is thankfully happier than ever. “Five times I almost drove my car off a cliff because I truly believed everyone would be better off without me, [but] I’m a fighter,” she said.

“[I’m] in a good place now… [being a mother] is the greatest job I’ve had,” the mom-of-eight gushed. “I’m so proud of my children. I’m so in love with them all.”

As for her career, Marie assured she’s in no hurry to slow down and retire from the music industry anytime soon. “[I’ll stop working] when I die! In 50 years, people aren’t going to know who I am, but my children will and my grandchildren will, and that’s what’s important!”

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