Staying strong. Marie Osmond is asking fans to pray for her family friend Brynna, who had a “never before seen” case of “25 tumors” near her brainstem.

“Brynna is my best friend Darla’s daughter-in-law and is like another daughter to me,” Marie, 60, explained on Instagram. “I have watched her from the time she started to date her husband, to the accomplished woman and mother she is today. Her husband, Austin, is a son to me and my attorney, and their three children are like my own grandchildren … she is FAMILY. And, she is very ill.”

Marie Osmond
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Next to Marie’s heartfelt caption was a video of Brynna getting an MRI. On the singer’s official website, she explained doctors gave Brynna three months to live after they discovered her brain tumors. However, the mom of three decided she would do whatever it took for her to save or extend her life. After talking it over with her husband, Brynna decided to undergo surgery for a biopsy even though she might have “complications” later.

However, Marie said the procedure “was an absolute miracle” because the doting mom “walked out of the hospital on her own three days later.”

“I’ve watched and wondered in utter amazement how she’s found the strength and will to push through these past few years and now these horrific treatments? Her response to me was, ‘My Faith.'” the “Deep Purple” singer said. “She also has the most amazing support in her husband, family and friends. No one is or could be more loved.”

As Brynna slowly recovers from surgery, she can count on Marie and her family to support her as well. In fact, Marie previously spoke about the relationship she has with Brynna’s mother-in-law, Darla, on the June 11 episode of The Talk. “We’ve been friends for 43 years,” the mom of eight gushed to her cohosts. “I’ve never met anybody who was driven as hard as I am. And yet [we have the same priorities] where family is everything to us.”

“When we do something, we want to do our very best. We’re very driven as females, but it’s her spirit of kindness I love the most,” she added.