What a special treat! Marie Osmond introduced her fans to her best friend, Darla Sperry, who is also her manager, on the Thursday, June 11 episode of The Talk. During her guest appearance, Darla and Marie revealed how they “clicked” with each other in the first place.

“We’ve been friends for 43 years,” she gushed while the “Meet Me in Montana” singer smiled right next to her. Darla explained she first bumped into Marie when she auditioned to be a dancer at Osmond Studios in Utah in the late ’70s. “She did a lot of the other shows we did because she’s very talented,” the Grammy nominee said, and they quickly became pals.

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“We just clicked on so many levels. On our values. On the importance of true friendship. We just clicked. We would talk all night on the phone,” Marie revealed. But one thing she loved the most about Darla was that she didn’t use her to get to her eight brothers, Virl, 74, Tom, 72, Alan, 70, Wayne, 68, Merrill, 67, Jay, 65, Donny, 62, and Jimmy, 57. However, there was a time the blonde beauty and the performer went on a double date with each other’s husbands.

“What happened was, I was dating Greg, [Darla’s] husband and she was dating Steve [Craig], my husband. And we went on a date and we just said, ‘Do you like him? Yeah. I kind of like him,’ and we switched. So we ended up marrying the other person’s date,” the “Read My Lips” entertainer said with a laugh.

During their conversation, Darla also revealed Marie is a “crazy, risktaker, speed demon” who likes to put the “pedal to the medal.”

“I think she acts like she’s invincible,” she said. “So don’t ever let her drive.”

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Before Darla signed off, Marie said she appreciates Darla’s friendship because she has always been there for her. “I’ve never met anybody who was driven as hard as I am. And yet [we have the same priorities] where family is everything to us,” the Emmy nominee gushed. “When we do something we want to do our very best. We’re very driven as females, but it’s her spirit of kindness I love the most.”