This anecdote requires an explanation! When Maria Menounos revealed she’s dropped a few ice cubes down Sofia Vergara’s cleavage on the red carpet, we had to get the back story, and we’re glad we did!

It turns out the Extra host wasn’t pulling a red-carpet prank, but trying to help cool down her interviewees!

“I’ve kept buckets of ice cubes for celebrities on hot days and I put them in their cleavage, so if a celebrity comes up and she’s super, super hot, I cool them down,” the 35-year-old admitted in a recent interview.

“I literally just pop a few cubes in there and then I give them some cubes for their hands and that cools them down instantly.”

maria menounos

Menounos interviews the cast of Modern Family in 2013

How thoughtful of the Greek beauty! Menounos said she recently cooled down Vergara at the Emmys but doesn’t forget about their male companions either…though she’s not dropping ice anywhere but in their hands!

“Once you put cold on your hands, it really cools you down. So, I try. I try to make it as easy for people as possible,” she explained to HuffPost.

We’ll have to keep an eye out for random wet spots on designer gowns next time there’s a red carpet!