Superstar singer Madonna has picked up a new hobby — being a soccer mom! When she performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on Thursday, September 26, for her Madame X tour, she brought her kids on stage and revealed she would do anything for her children’s passions.

An eyewitness who was at the concert told Closer Weekly the singer started off her show at 11 p.m and shortly after she performed a couple of songs, she introduced her three youngest children — Mercy, 13, Estere and Stella, both 7 — to the crowd.

Madonna's kids Estere and Stella

“Times Up!” Mercy was heard shouting into the microphone, much to the excitement of Madonna’s fans. The trio briefly danced on stage to their mom’s hit song “Human Nature,” and the twins continued to perform alongside their mom when Madonna’s new record “Crave” came on.

“They were super cute, and strutting up and down the stage like it was a runway in feather boas and sequined skirts,” the eyewitness recalled. “They stayed on stage for the beginning of ‘Like A Prayer’ and were singing and dancing. [They were] really into it.”

However, the best part of the show was when Madonna opened up about her life in Lisbon, Portugal. In 2013, the mom of six moved there with her family so her 13-year-old son, David, could play football for Benfica’s youth team.


During the concert, Madonna also made her oldest daughter, Lourdes, 22, apart of the show. When she performed “Frozen,” she played a video of her daughter dancing her heart out. “At first her long dark hair was covering her face, so no one could tell who she was,” the eyewitness recalled. “But then everyone realized the dancer was Lourdes and cheered. She looked stunning in a sequined black leotard, and is an amazing modern dancer.”

Madonna also talked more about being a soccer mom and said, “she was lonely and didn’t have any friends, but made friends with local musicians in the bars” in Lisbon, the eyewitness explained. By having more colleagues who understood what she was going through, Madonna’s life in Lisbon started to get a lot more easy. After all, she’ll always put her kids first no matter what!

“She said she will do anything for her kids’ passions,” the eyewitness remembered. We don’t doubt that!