Lori Loughlin Shares Why She Didn't Attend 'Full House' Co-Star John Stamos' Wedding

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It seems John Stamos' wedding to Caitlin McHugh wasn't exactly a Full House! In a new interview, Lori Loughlin revealed why she didn't attend her co-star's nuptials in early February.

"We were all invited. Unfortunately, Candace [Cameron Bure] and I already committed to go to the Super Bowl months and months and months in advance so we couldn’t be there. But we certainly were all invited," the 53-year-old told Us Weekly. "All the Hallmark executives were taking us to the Super Bowl. It was so much fun but we already committed to that. So we, unfortunately, could not be at John’s wedding."

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She felt so bad about not being able to attend that she sent him a gift. "I sent flowers and I was really bummed that I already had plans," Lori added. But their other Full House co-stars were able to go. "Dave [Coulier] went, Jodie [Sweetin] went. I think Bob [Saget] was there. Candace and I would have been there, we just, unfortunately — timing. And Caitlin and John — they were a little last-minute in their planning and preparation and we had already committed to something else."

In another recent interview, Lori revealed she thinks John — who is expecting baby No. 1 with Caitlin — will be a "great dad." She shared, "I don’t think John needs any parental advice. I think John is going to be a great dad, but of course, he knows I’m here for him should he need any [advice] but I think him and Caitlin have it covered."

And even though she couldn't make it to his wedding, Lori still enjoys working with John. "I love working with John. We have a great rapport. We have great chemistry," she told Us. "Working with him now for so many years — its like we have a secondhand language. It just comes very naturally to us."

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