In the new issue of Closer Weekly, The Bionic Woman, Lindsay Wagner, opens up in an exclusive interview where she reveals how a medical trauma led to her wanting to act.

After developing severe stomach ulcers at age 19, “people helped me avoid surgery by teaching me how meditation, prayer, and diet can affect the body,” Lindsay, 68, tells Closer.
“That’s why I went into acting: to communicate the higher potential that humans have but most don’t think about, or haven’t even heard of.”

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Lindsay became an Emmy-winning star and transitioned to motivational speaking and writing.
She explains to Closer what made her go down the path of motivational speaking after becoming a successful actress. “I was working so much that I had to take a break after all those years, and helping my children and friends was a passion of mine. I started doing small retreats and teaching people techniques that were so helpful for me. It just went viral. I wasn’t expecting that. I ended up on the road for about 15 months.”

Lindsay’s coming full circle by merging her love of acting and spirituality in the new biblical epic, Samson. “When we stay connected to divine guidance,” she tells Closer, “we end up a lot more powerful than we ever dreamed we could be.”

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