All parents out there have a couple of stories featuring their kids doing something hilarious, and Lin-Manuel Miranda is no different — he recently shared quite the funny moment featuring his eldest son.

The Hamilton creator attended the CTAM TCA Summer Press Tour recently, and revealed the funniest thing his son Sebastian has ever done. “I had to have a conversation with my kid because he was humming a song for a project that wasn’t out in the world,” the 39-year-old said on the red carpet while at the event. “It was a Little Mermaid song and I played it for him and he started like humming and I had to kind of have like a copyright, NDA conversation with him, like, ‘hey buddy, that’s a surprise for when your friends see the movie. You’re four, I can’t have you sign an NDA. But you can’t sing that song in class.'”

Lin-Manuel Miranda
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Not to worry though, because the little one was all about it. “He totally got it. It was like our fun family secret and we sing it at the house,” the Mary Poppins Returns actor added.

Lin-Manuel shares Sebastian and son Francisco, 1, with his wife, Vanessa Nadal. The pair met while in high school and tied the knot in 2010. And with their 10th wedding anniversary coming next year, the composer revealed his secret to a long lasting relationship. “I don’t know. I’m doing my best, like everybody else, and I check in as much as I can,” he said. “Every decision is a joint decision, every decision is a joint decision. You can’t just be like, everyone asked me … so how quickly did you say yes? It was like after I checked with my wife.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda Vanessa Nadal
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“Because you have children and you have responsibilities and it’s a life you’re agreeing to live together and you want to grow in the same direction,” Lin-Manuel added.

Lin-Manuel is currently working on a film adaptation of his hit Broadway musical In the Heights — although I’m sure he won’t have a problem with his kids singing any of these songs!