Laura Prepon Shares Adorable Mom Fail With Fans and We Can Totally Relate

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Being a mom isn't easy! And Laura Prepon isn't trying to pretend like it is. The Orange Is the New Black actress recently documented her all too relatable #momfail on Instagram. The 37-year-old is a new mother to her daughter, whom she shares with fiancé Ben Foster. The mama documented her struggle figuring out how to work a crib for her baby girl.

"Having a little trouble with the new crib... Any tips on traveling with a newborn so I can avoid stuff like this?! #MomTipMonday," she asked her followers.

Honestly, that crib looks way too difficult to be sold to the everyday-non-handyman mom. However, we know that a bunch of tech gadgets, cribs, and furniture for babies are actually really complicated. And when you're a first-time parent it only makes everything more difficult (and daunting). We're happy that Laura was honest with her followers and was able to ask for advice. There's definitely no shame in asking for help!

One fan commented, "lol you'll def get used to it, but it takes some time. I co-slept which made it so much easier with traveling? Good luck and congratulations!" While another added, "You’re gonna be a pro in no time. Lift center 1/2 way first. Then collapse the sides and pull center all the way. Happy Thanksgiving. 🍁🦃 ."

How kind of her followers to give her some much-needed advice. We're sure (other than the complicated cribs!) Laura is loving motherhood. When she was still pregnant, she told People how excited she was to welcome her first: “It’s so wonderful, it’s such a blessing. She likes it in here, she’s already kicking!” So sweet — we're so happy that Laura and her daughter are healthy. And we can't wait to see how the actress will continue to handle motherhood!

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