Finally! Disney has reportedly decided to produce a movie remake of the most adorable 1950s love story of all time — Lady and the Tramp! The iconic film, of course, told the tale of two dogs who fell in love with each other despite their different backgrounds. Although it’s a children’s movie, the flick is jam-packed with romantic scenes and proved that you should really never judge a book by its cover. 

Since the movie will allegedly be produced for Disney’s upcoming streaming service, the filmmakers are already working hard to get the best voice actors to star in the project. Earlier this week, Collider revealed that Justin Theroux is reportedly in talks to provide the voice for lead character Tramp, a scruffy, street-smart dog who expertly knows how to avoid dog-catchers. 

(photo credit: r/r)

The other lead role for Lady, a wealthy but sheltered dog, is reportedly still up for grabs. In 2016, Disney Studios similarly remade the 1965 movie The Jungle Book and the company also recently released a new trailer for the upcoming remake of the hit 1941 Disney hit Dumbo.

At this time, Charlie Bean is expected to direct the new Lady and the Tramp film and if it’s anything like The Lego Ninjago Movie that he recently created then we can expect a heartwarming film that audiences of all ages will love. 

Disney has not yet announced Lady and the Tramp‘s release date but their new streaming service is allegedly set to be launched by next year. After two years of working on the project, Disney’s streaming service will feature original exclusive content and operate sort of like Hulu or Netflix. 

Disney’s platform will reportedly include all of their iconic movies and television programming including Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm flicks. And, with Disney’s latest acquisition of FOX’s film and TV studios, we can expect some new content to be available on the platform as well.