Aww! Kyra Sedgwick admitted that her heart still goes “fluttery” whenever Kevin Bacon walks into the room. After 30 years of marriage, two children and two demanding careers, the pair still have one of showbiz’s most solid unions. “People say it’s this fairy-tale thing, but it’s life,” Kyra gushed to Redbook in March 2012. “We just love each other a lot.”

They also take their wedding vows — and monogamy — seriously. To do so they adhere to a few rules: “Keep the fights clean, and don’t have sex with somebody else,” the 53-year-old beauty dished to Good Housekeeping in December 2010. “Both of us knew this was forever, so when we fight, it’s not so scary.”

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Oddly, back in 1987, Kevin made a terrible first impression on his future wife when they met on the set of a PBS remake of the play Lemon Sky. “My first thought was, ‘He’s so cocky and he thinks he’s so cool,'” Kyra once recalled. Kevin, 60, noted her disinterest but pursued his costar anyway. “I found her really very beautiful and sexy and aloof,” he admitted to ET in September 2018. “I was just immediately in love with her.”

Soon after Kyra finally accepted a date, they realized they were soulmates. “They have the same basic values, the same core beliefs,” a friend revealed to Closer Weekly in the latest issue, on newsstands now. “They both have a rowdy sense of humor and love to laugh.” That December, Kevin proposed with a ring hidden in a Christmas stocking. “Shockingly,” he once recalled, “she said yes.”

Unlike a lot of couples, Kyra and Kevin made their marriage their first priority — even after their children, Travis, 29, and Sosie, 27, came along. “Of course, the kids come first in planning your life, but it’s incredibly important to keep your relationship as a couple strong,” Kyra reasoned with Redbook. “It’s the foundation on which everything is built.” The strength of their bond helped Kyra and Kevin survive career ups and downs, a move from rural Connecticut to the Upper West Side neighborhood of New York City, child-rearing issues and the loss of their life savings in 2008 to convicted con man Bernie Madoff.

Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon during New York Premiere Party for "Balto"
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They’ve worked together often, but even when they’re on separate projects, Kevin and Kyra are a team. Kevin took time off to be with their children in New York while Kyra was filming her 2005–2012 Emmy-winning series The Closer in Los Angeles. “I missed stuff — events, performances — but we kept trusting that it was going to be OK,” admitted Kyra, who reciprocated the favor and kept the home fires burning when Kevin began touring with his elder sibling Michael as the Bacon Brothers.

Now that their children have grown up and moved out, the resilient pair have entered a new phase of their love story. “Life will never be the same,” Krya added with a laugh, “There is a lot more walking around the house naked [now]!”

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