Parents typically talk to their kids about “the birds and the bees” when they become teenagers. But Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard revealed they’ve already gotten that conversation out of the way with their eldest child, 5-year-old Lincoln. While appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, February 25, the parents-of-two broke the shocking news to Ellen DeGeneres and explained how the topic even came up.

“5-year-old Lincoln? You decided to talk to her about ‘the birds and the bees,'” Ellen said to the couple, to which the Frozen star, 38, replied, “Well, she asked.” Dax, 44, further explained as the crowd began to laugh, “We didn’t like — ‘Oh crap, we gotta get around to that talk.”

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“Yeah, she said, ‘But where do babies come from?’ And We were both like — real talk, sit down,” Kristen jokingly demanded. The Parenthood alum then began to explain how they detailed the candid discussion before adding that they got “right to the action. “Right to the good part,” Kristen continued for her hubby, “and she’s like, ‘I gotta go outside,’ and just left,” the Veronica Mars actress bluntly stated. “Yeah, she bailed. She knows all the organs, but when it got to the actual nuts and bolts of the operation,” Dax said while Kristen quipped, “We bored her.”

Kristen and Dax, who have daughters Lincoln and Delta, 4, tied the knot in 2013 after being together for over six years. Though they’ve both been in showbiz for years now, the two lovebirds recently decided to take a new route in their professional life. After raising two kiddos themselves, the pair announced on Instagram that they were officially launching an affordable baby product line for Walmart.

“A message from MOM&DAD. @kristenanniebell and @daxshepard are here to introduce @hellobello, a line of premium baby products at non-premium prices,” the two captioned a video of them explaining the brand on Tuesday, February 26. “Diapers, wipes, lotions, bubble bath and more. Consider this one less decision to make as a parent. We’re in this together!”

Kristen and Dax felt now was the time to launch their new business considering they’re pros when it comes to raising kids. “As a mom of two, I know how beautifully messy parenthood can be, and that’s why we created Hello Bello,” the blonde beauty said in a statement. Their line of 10 products, sold exclusively at Walmart, includes everything from the basic essentials to sunscreen and laundry detergent and will cost anywhere from $1.88 to $23.94, according to the press release.

“We know parenting is hard enough as it is,” Dax said in the statement. “Parents shouldn’t have to choose between what’s good for their baby and good for their budget. That’s why we couldn’t ask for a better exclusive retail partner than Walmart, who is making it possible for us to offer premium products at a non-premium price.” We can’t wait to try their products!