Kirstie Alley's TV Land sitcom Kirstie has been canceled after just one season, reports say.

The multi-camera series ended its freshman run five months ago as neither a ratings nor critical hit, despite a talented cast that included Rhea Perlman and Michael Richards.

The show followed Broadway star Maddie (Kirstie) whose life gets turned upside down by the arrival of her long-lost son Arlo (Eric Peterson), looking to connect after the death of his adopted mother.

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Rhea played Maddie's assistant and best friend while Michael took on the role of Maddie's chauffeur.

The sudden departure of creator/executive producer Marco Pennette due to "personal reasons" possibly factored into TV Land's decision, as they were tasked with finding a replacement showrunner.

Kirstie, 63, is best known for her roles on Cheers and Veronica's Closet.