Actress Kirstie Alley has had a fairly public battle with her weight over the years, but finally she seems to have her yo-yoing diet under control.

Currently promoting her new show Kirstie, the 62-year-old is looking fit and fabulous and better than ever.

So how does the star make sure she doesn’t pile the pounds on over the Christmas period? She revealed this week she simply eats healthily at home before going to any parties.

The actress offers the tip to anyone trying to avoid gaining weight by binging on rich foods over the holidays and says it has been successful for her in recent years.

“I eat before I go. I try to eat the good, healthy food that I know I'm supposed to eat before I ever walk out the door for a party, so that I don't end up at a party hungry.

“But I like my cooking. I like home cooking way better than restaurant or party food.”

The 62-year-old actress has spent the past month promoting her new TV show Kirstie, which also features her former Cheers costar Rhea Perlman.

Looking svelte and trim throughout her string of recent TV appearances, the former DWTS contestant looks as healthy and happy as ever – so she must be doing something right!

The actress had struggled with her weight for years and it even inspired the show Fat Actress in which she played an exaggerated version of herself dealing with her weight in Hollywood.

She lost 100 pounds during her stint on DWTS in 2011 and looks like she’s managed to keep it off!