Kevin Hart is such a natural when it comes to being a father, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t learned a lot about what it takes to be a good dad. While discussing his journey through fatherhood, the legendary comedian revealed the “most important” lesson his four children have taught him.

“What I’ve learned as a father is that the most important thing in the world is listening,” Kevin, 41, shared in Romper‘s Father’s Day 2021 issue, published on Wednesday, June 16.

Courtesy of Kevin Hart/Instagram

“It’s not about trying to be right. It’s not about advice,” the Jumanji star continued while speaking about his beloved kiddos — Heaven, 16, Hendrix, 13, Kenzo, 3, and Kaori, 8 months. “It’s about listening, understanding and then doing your best to give information so that your kids can make the best choices for them. Not for you, but for them.”

Pointing out how others “just [listen]” until it’s their time to talk, Kevin noted he doesn’t “do that” with his kids. “I’m processing what’s being said. That’s the most important thing, giving an opportunity for each individual to be heard,” the Emmy nominee shared, adding he established a “free-speaking zone” where his children can divulge their feelings without him getting mad.

Kevin shares his kiddos with two different women. He welcomed his two eldest children, Heaven and Hendrix, during his eight-year marriage with first wife Torrei Hart, but after the former couple split in 2011, he moved on with Eniko Parrish. The lovebirds wed in 2016 and expanded the actor’s family, welcoming Kenzo and Kaori.

Though Kevin has adjusted to his role as a busy father of four, he still experiences a challenge every once in a while. During his chat with Romper, the Central Intelligence star opened up about how living life in the spotlight is both a “gift and a curse” for his family.


“You have to talk to your kids about it because it’s going to come out. And some of them are cool about it and some of them are not, depending on the situation,” Kevin said when asked how he’s handled talking about past scandals with his children.

“You have to understand the different personalities and manage them correctly,” he explained. “My kids understand who their father is. The gift is the life that you’re able to live, and the curse is the spotlight that’s on you constantly.”