It’s always nice to see celebrity couples still on their first marriage. That said, we were ecstatic when we learned Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary on Monday, Sept. 4.

The Hollywood duo tied the knot in 1988 — and ever since they’ve been the epitome of relationship goals! To celebrate the romantic milestone, Kevin took to social media to give his wife some sweet shout-outs. Watch the video below to see Kevin’s messages for Kyra!

The Footloose star revealed in a previous exclusive interview with Closer Weekly that the couple keeps their marriage alive by cutting loose! “We love to dance, and if we have our own party behind closed doors, we will dance all night,” he said. “But if we actually go out dancing, the DJ always puts on “Footloose”, and people form a circle around me, clapping in unison, expecting me to perform tricks like a trained seal. So I tend to avoid it.”

On top of that, the couple is also parents to two kids, Travis, 28, and Sosie, 25. Kevin recently gushed to Closer about being a father. “The proudest accomplishment of my life is my children,” the 59-year-old actor confessed. “Being a parent [means] bringing them up and trying to teach them and have them learn by example to be good, decent, compassionate, hardworking people.”

He added, “We didn’t have the kind of relationship with our kids where we would say, ‘You’ve got to do this.’ Our kids are very independent. My son refused to let me teach him how to ride a bike or how to swim. Those are dangerous things! But both my children were a lot like me when I was a kid — they didn’t really come to us for advice or help.” Here’s to 29 more years of marriage, Kevin and Kyra!