Hold on, did Kerry Washington secretly have another baby?! The Scandal actress totally confused her fans during a recent appearance on the Today show to promote her new Broadway play, American Son. When host Craig Melvin asked Kerry, 41, how she could relate to her character as a “mother-of-two,” the star quickly corrected the journalist and said she’s a “mother-of-three.”

“Wait, Kerry Washington just said she’s a mother-of-three on the Today show,” one person wrote on Twitter, according to People. Another commented, “Mother-of-THREE…? When did this happen?!? I need answers!”

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It turns out that Kerry — who shares kids Isabelle Asomugha, 4, and Caleb Asomugha, 2, with husband Nnamdi Asomugha — was referring to her 37-year-old hubby’s 12-year-old daughter from a previous relationship when she said she has three children. After the mystery behind Kerry’s remark was solved, some people praised her comment on social media. One fan wrote, “Good for her! Step-moms are moms, too.”

While speaking to Craig about her new play, Kerry candidly revealed how her own experiences as a mom helped her portray a mother whose son goes missing one night. “The play is teaching me so much every day. I feel like I’m still learning from [my character]. One of the things that I think every mother who sits in the play — every parent, actually, who comes to the play — is faced with the powerlessness of parenting,” she said of playing her on-stage character, Kendra. “That there was a time where you could control everything, kind of, about them in the very beginning, but parenting is a lot about letting go and how you do that with grace, and ease, and empower your kids to make the right choices.”

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“It is an adventure. And obviously, doing that as a parent of an African-American kid has particular challenges,” Kerry added of starring in the show. American Son debuts on Broadway at NYC’s Booth Theatre on Nov. 6.