Kenny Rogers Was a ‘Father First’ — Get to Know the Late Country Star’s 5 Kids

Although late country star Kenny Rogers was best known for his iconic singing and songwriting, nothing meant more to the “Islands in the Stream” singer than fatherhood.

Prior to his death at age 81 in March 2020, which his family announced in a heartbreaking statement on social media, Kenny was the proud dad of five kids: Carole, 61; Kenny Jr., 55; Chris, 38; and 15-year-old twin sons Justin and Jordan.

Even though he had his hands full fathering his children with multiple different women, Kenny took parenthood and life with his family seriously — especially with fifth wife Wanda Miller and their teenage boys. In an August 2016 interview with CMT News, the Country Music Hall of Famer explained why he decided to put a pause on touring at the time.

“I hope my fans understand that I’m a father first and a singer second,” he revealed. “As it turns out, I’m missing some very great parts of my boys’ lives. I know as well as anybody else how that time gets away from you. And I don’t want to miss it. I just worry about how much longer I’m going to be here, and I want to have time to spend with them. It’s pretty simple.”

Kenny expressed the same sentiment about his presence in his children’s lives as he opened up to The Tennessean in 2013. The Six Pack actor told the outlet that because he felt he wasn’t there enough for his older children in a sense, he was hoping to redeem himself with his twins.

“I think success requires that you be selfish sometimes, and I refuse to do that now,” he explained. “I’m determined to stay home with the boys, and it’s really a wonderful gift for me. So if I have no more success, I’m OK. But to have the opportunity to have success [is really special].”

We bet Kenny’s children are so proud of the legacy he left behind.

Scroll through the gallery below to learn all about the country star’s five kids!