Thanks to Kenny Rogers‘ team, his fans can sleep well at night knowing the 80-year-old country crooner is going to be OK.

“Due to recent wild misinformation and speculation from several media outlets, we are issuing the following statement on behalf of Kenny Rogers: Kenny was recently admitted to a local Georgia hospital and treated for dehydration,” a statement released via Instagram reads.

“He will remain there to complete some physical therapy to get his strength back prior to discharge,” the statement continues. “He appreciates the concern and well wishes he has received from his fans and can assure everyone he plans on sticking around through the years to come.”

After Kenny’s publicist previously announced the beloved star had to cancel dates on The Gambler’s Last Deal tour due to “health challenges” in April 2018, fans have been very concerned about his health.

“Kenny Rogers has been working through a series of health challenges,” his publicist said at the time in a statement. “His doctors fully expect the outcome to be great, but they have advised him to cancel all performances through the end of the year to focus on recuperation.”

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The tour was supposed to help Kenny say goodbye to his fans after he announced his retirement in 2015. “I didn’t want to take forever to retire,” the Country Music Hall of Famer added. “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to say farewell to the fans over the course of the past two years on The Gambler’s Last Deal tour. I could never properly thank them for the encouragement and support they’ve given me throughout my career and the happiness I’ve experienced as a result of that.”

Even though Kenny is slowly regaining his strength, we’re just happy we haven’t seen the last of the “Coward of the County” star!