She’s ready for baby No. 2! In an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly, Kelly Rowland candidly opened up about wanting to expand her family, being mom-shamed, loving her post-baby body, and her new partnership with Clorox and to help give kids a better school experience. 

In 2014, Kelly started a new chapter of her life when she tied the knot with Tim Witherspoon and, later that year, welcomed their son, Titan, 3, into the world. While speaking to Closer, Kelly admitted being a mom has changed everything — and she’s looking forward to having more kids with Tim in the future! 

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“I definitely want Titan to have a sibling and he keeps asking me for a baby brother. I don’t know what God has up his sleeve. What if I have twins or something crazy next? I’m not ready for that yet. It scares me. I’m getting hives just thinking about it,” she revealed. 

Kelly also credited her son for helping her love her post-baby body today. The singer told Closer that when someone recently posted a photo of her from her 2013 Shape magazine shoot on Twitter, she initially felt self-conscious of the stomach and stretch marks she has now — but thinking about her family helped all of her insecurities go away.

“I got sad for a second and I was like, but I got Titan. That beats everything, ever,” Kelly shared. “He’s just so awesome and he makes me feel so beautiful and my husband makes me feel beautiful that I don’t even care.”

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Motherhood has been great for the “Commander” songstress, but one thing that Kelly revealed she could totally live without is the mom-shaming that has come with being a parent. Kelly recalled once clapping back at a fan who criticized her for putting Titan’s seat belt on wrong.

“I said, ‘Oh thank you to the best mom in the whole world,’ like I had to come back at her because I was so disappointed that she came so hard at me,” Kelly explained. “Just shut up and mind your business and try to say something that will encourage the mother like don’t just start bagging on her.”

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She added, “I think that the mothers who have so much to say are probably that critical of themselves so they have to kind of like project it onto other people but the sad part is that they don’t even know that they are doing a disservice to another mom.” 

Now that she’s a mom herself, Kelly understands the importance of back-to-school prep — and that’s why she’s happy to be working with Clorox and to ensure kids have all of the school supplies they need to learn. “DonorsChoose actually allows the teachers, the students, to have the most amazing year so they can celebrate the first moments in their classrooms… [and have] all the resources that they need,” Kelly said of the online charity. “Like when you go back-to-school shopping and sometimes if the parent isn’t financially available to help out, DonorsChoose comes to the rescue and I’m so happy that Clorox is partnering with them.”

Visit for more information on how you can help support teachers and students across America.