TV personality Kelly Ripa couldn’t contain her joy when she saw Ryan Seacret‘s Father’s Day post on Sunday, June 21. The 45-year-old shared a throwback pic of him and his dad, Gary Seacrest, in shorts and Kelly, 49, hilariously commented, “Honestly, Gary’s legs never cease to impress” with two black heart emoji.

Ryan captioned the Instagram snap, “Not all heroes wear capes. Happy Father’s Day, dad!” He also shared a few more photos of him and Gary over the years.

Ryan Seacrest and his father
Courtesy of Ryan Seacrest/ Instagram

In honor of the special holiday, Kelly also took to Instagram to pay homage to her husband, Mark Consuelos. The mom of three shared a funny pic of Mark, also 49, shaving in front of their kids and wrote, “Father’s Day in Italy circa 2010. When Mark taught Lola and Joaquin to shave.”

Although Ryan didn’t comment on that one, he and Kelly will sometimes do witty banter on their show Live With Kelly and Ryan. In fact, the former actress said they get along so well that she thinks they have “telepathy.”

We don’t need to communicate with words, we definitely share each other’s thought processes,” the All My Children alum told People in February. She also noted Ryan “will do things” for her when she’s traveling. “I can ask him to go inside my house … and go bring my retainer out of the medicine cabinet and bring it to the remote,” Kelly explained.

Because of her deep trust for Ryan, Kelly’s kids have warmed up to the American Idol host. They’re not afraid to share secrets with him or talk about their private lives.

“He does intel with my kids,” Kelly explained about Ryan’s bond with her children. “He doesn’t betray their confidences, but he will give me a heads up if there’s something going on because they don’t think of him as an adult … he’s one of them.”

If Ryan gets his own kids, we’re sure Kelly’s children will get him a Father’s Day gift every year!