TV personality Kelly Ripa revealed the most challenging part about living with her children during an April 16th interview on “Radio Andy.”

“The only challenge I think is surviving their endless — they make fun of [me and Mark Consuelos] constantly,” Kelly, 49, revealed about kids, Michael Consuelos, 22, Lola Consuelos, 18, and Joaquin Consuelos, 17. “Like it’s constant from the moment I leave the office. When I’m done with my show and I walk into the kitchen, they are on me. They are totally making fun of every word I say, everything I’ve done. Nobody is immune.”

However, the Live with Kelly and Ryan host admitted her children are grateful for everything she and Mark, also 49, have done for them. Especially since being stuck in quarantine together due to coronavirus.

“I think they know how lucky they are, like they are filled with gratitude. I have to say that. I think they’re also thrilled [about] not having to do their own laundry and not having to cook their own meals,” Kelly explained. “Not that they cook, but [they don’t] have to eat the cafeteria food that they were living on. I think they have a newfound appreciation for us.”

Hopefully, the next time Kelly posts a PDA pic of her and her hubby online, Lola won’t express her embarrassment over it. Since she and her siblings are at that age where they love to interact with their friends on social media, Kelly has noticed her children are becoming more “acutely aware of everything.”

That’s why when they heard Andy Cohen got coronavirus, it deeply impacted them. “Andy, when you got sick it became very, very real that somebody they know and love and consider their friend [can get COVID-19,] Kelly explained about the TV personality who healed shortly after. “It wasn’t like some person that they don’t know about living in someplace.”

“It becomes one of those things like kids of a certain age, sometimes it has to be personal for them to actually have the capacity to understand how serious it all it,” the talk show host added. “But they’ve been great.”