Celebrity couple Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have been married for 23 years and everyone wants to know how they’ve made it work. The Live! revealed her secret for a successful relationship during the Thursday, January 24, episode of the talk show.

“You’re going to fight, you’re going to have disagreements. Relationships, marriages are not sprints, it’s a marathon,” she explained. “There’s going to be, like, mile 24, when you’re like, ‘I quit.’ But you just got to push through. Just push through.”

Kelly, 49, understands marriage is not easy. However, she says the only way to make it work is to keep calm and have a lot of trust in your partner.

“There’s really nothing that’s that insurmountable, besides abuse or things of that nature,” she explained. “You’re going to fight. You’re going to have disagreements. You’re going to fundamentally not agree on things. And if you take a breath, you usually can’t remember what you’re fighting about.”

Over the years, Kelly and Mark, 48, have built a life together. The couple share kids Michael Consuelos, 22, Lola Consuelos, 18, and Joaquin Consuelos, 16, and when the TV personality turned 49 years old, the All My Children alum took to Instagram to give his wife a sweet shout-out.

“Happy birthday to my fave … I’m really glad you were born … because let’s face it, if you weren’t, I would’ve been married three or four times by now,” he joked. “Which would’ve been really expensive, not to mention the super tense parent teacher conferences and all the awkward blended family holiday/vacations. Anyway, happy birthday sweetie.” So cute!

Mark later told Us Weekly why he loves Kelly so much. “I’m crazy about her,” he gushed. “She’s an extremely patient and a tolerant woman, and I think that’s the true secret to our marriage.”