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A Roundup of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’ Funniest Parenting Moments With Their 3 Kids 

Keeping a great sense of humor has always been at the center of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’ marriage. The All My Children alums love to laugh and share hilarious stories about their three children, Michael, Lola and Joaquin, on television. 

Kelly and Mark got married in 1996 after meeting on the set of the long-running soap opera. They welcomed their first child together, son Michael, on June 2, 1997. The New York University graduate went down the acting route just like his parents, sharing the screen with his dad on Riverdale

Michael has also made a few appearances on Live With Kelly and Ryan over the years before Mark joined the show as an official cohost. In November 2018, the Let’s Get Physical actor appeared as a guest on the talk show. Michael made a funny confession about his mom’s reaction each time he came home to visit from college. 

“I can get away with something, but she’ll always find out. … I’ll come home [from college] and my mom would be like, ‘Is there anything that you want to tell me about?’ And I’d confess everything, even stuff she didn’t know about so she would find out everything immediately,” Michael joked.

The youngster also revealed that he usually turns to his mom whenever he wants something rather than going straight to his dad. 

“Usually there’s like an idea that if you get a good grade or anything it’s easier to get what you want [but it’s the] reverse effect on mom. If I come home and I’m like, ‘Hey I got an A on this test,’ she’s like, ‘What do you want?’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, nothing now, where’s dad?’” Michael explained. “But if I just normally out of the blue want something — mom.”

Kelly and Mark welcomed their second child, Lola, on June 16, 2001. Lola also attended New York University like her older brother and moved into a dorm to start off her college experience. 

“I’ll see you in four hours when you come home because you don’t know how to use the washing machine!” Kelly hilariously said on Live in September 2019 after dropping her daughter off at school. 

The couple’s youngest child, Joaquin, born on February 24, 2003, went out of state for college. He joined the wrestling team at the University of Michigan for the fall 2021 semester. Dropping their son off at school was incredibly emotional for the America Housewife actress and the Pitch alum. 

“We dropped him off at school and we gave him a hug — it was actually brutally painful,” Kelly admitted during an episode of Live in September 2021. “And I said, ‘I did not realize that 18 years would go so fast.’ And he didn’t say anything, he was just giving me a hug. But he turned to walk away, and I said, ‘Wait, Joaquin, one more!’ And he kept walking, and I knew that it was happening to him too — the emotion.”

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