Fans can always count on Kelly Ripa for sharing some TMI confessions on Live With Kelly and Mark. On Thursday, June 20, she revealed she has “tremendous performance anxiety” when it comes to peeing in public bathrooms.

“I think I’ve had the yips, but usually in a public toilet,” she told husband Mark Consuelos during the candid segment.

The conversation was in reference to the yips, “involuntary wrist spasms” that occur mostly for athletes who take part in professional sports, per Mayo Clinic. Kelly, 53, went on to explain that fans sometimes come up to her in public bathrooms, increasing her anxiety.

“I will hear, ‘That’s Kelly Ripa!’ And then, now I can’t go — even though I have to go desperately,” the Emmy winner confessed.

Mark, 53, much like the rest of viewers, was curious about whether or not Kelly is the type of person to listen in on conversations while she sits in a bathroom stall.

“At that point, I’m just so panic-stricken ‘cause I have to pee and it’s not coming out and I’m in there longer, and now they’re in there also longer, and we’re all in there longer,” she said. “And I feel like saying, ‘Guys, can you run the water? Or something?'”

Kelly Ripa Makes Shocking Confession About Peeing in Public
DISNEY/John Argueta

It seemed like there were several people in the crowd that day who have experienced something similar to Kelly, who shares kids Michael, Lola and Joaquin with Mark, when it comes to using public bathrooms. “I don’t feel so alone,” she said after hearing the audience’s reaction to her confession.

Live is always full of shocking moments between Kelly and Mark, like recently when he made a comment about his crotch during an episode.

“I have a pair of jeans that I like that I travel with,” he shared during a May 28 episode of the show. “I’ve got a pair of jeans that are very comfortable, they’re very soft and they’re not too tight. They’re great. Every time I go through the metal detector, they go off. Every time they send me back through again.”

“The guy is usually a big, burly guy, and he’s like, ‘I’ve got to pat you down, man,’” Mark continued. “He goes, ‘You want a private room?’” He went to say that the pants have “extra zipper” and “no extra rivets.” But still, the body scanner at the airport “shows stuff in the front area” whenever he wears them.

“You can say crotch,” Kelly assured her husband, proving once again that no topic is off limits for the duo on their popular show.

“I got stopped again,” he concluded. “This time, they just said, ‘Random!’ So, I went through. He had to do it again, and he puts on a glove. I’m like, ‘What are we doing? This is just second base, no? We’re just doing second base!’”

“Every time you go through, you get stopped, frisked and your bag gets searched,” Kelly, who has been married to Mark for 28 years, confirmed. “There’s something fishy about you!”