Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos set sail during their recent vacation to Switzerland! The All My Children actress rocked a green swimsuit while on a boat with her husband on the trip.

“Swiss life🇨🇭merci beaucoup Geneva!” Mark, 53, captioned a series of photos from the vacation on his Instagram page on Sunday, June 30.

In one photo, Kelly, also 53, wore a straw hat and sunglasses as she and Mark spent some time out on the water. Her green one-piece swimsuit was on full display, as Mark opted for a terry cloth shirt and sunglasses.

Kelly Ripa Looks Flawless in Swimsuit Photo in Switzerland
Courtesy of Mark Consuelos/Instagram

In another snapshot from the trip, Kelly showed off her swimsuit cover-up, which featured a fun geometric pattern and a halter neck. The straps of her green swimsuit could be seen poking through the dress.

Joining the longtime couple during the trip was their daughter, Lola Consuelos. During an episode of Live With Kelly and Mark on Monday, July 1, Kelly explained that Lola goes to Switzerland “quite a bit.” Lola, 23, currently lives in London full time and has a British boyfriend.

“Never enough time with @theyoungestyung. Until next time my [love],” Kelly wrote in her Instagram Stories after getting to spend some quality time with her daughter.

The cohosts, who also share kids Michael and Joaquin, had nothing but great things to say about their recent vacation, calling the country “so lovely.”

“Hats off to the people in Switzerland,” Mark told the audience during the episode. “We were only in one city, but it’s the cleanest. It’s so clean.”

Kelly agreed with him, playfully saying she was “searching for dirt” on the streets during the trip.

Mark also left fans shocked by his new buzz cut, which he sported on the trip. The Pitch alum cut all of his hair off for a secret project he is currently working on.

“I do this every couple of years, I’ve been doing it since we got married,” Mark said. “I got a TV job, a role in a pilot and they said, ‘Will you cut it short?’ And I go, ‘How short? Military?’ And they go, ‘Military!’”

“I’ve been trying to get intel out of him,” Kelly said of her husband’s latest role. “And this is why I think we’ve been married so long, you’re so cagey about the details and that not unconvinced that you are also, like your parents, in the CIA.”

The pair love jet-setting when they have a little time off from hosting Live. In April, Kelly and Mark traveled to Morocco for a dreamy trip. But Kelly admitted she was a bit disappointed because the stamp on her passport from the trip was barely noticeable.

“It was not very inky. You can barely see it. I’m very devastated! You can barely see I was there. It upsets me,” she told Live viewers after the getaway.

In February, the “Let’s Talk Off Camera” podcast host and the Riverdale actor traveled to Iceland, where they went skiing, swimming, rode on snow mobiles and more.