Tell them, Kelly Ripa! The 49-year-old Live! host clapped back at a viewer who had an issue with her and Ryan Seacrest‘s “lack of personal grooming” on the show. The troll decided to tell Kelly how she felt when the All My Children alum shared a promotional video for the upcoming season of Live With Kelly and Ryan on Instagram.

“The only issue I have with this show (and I watch daily since I am at home nowadays) is the lack of personal grooming,” the user said. “I mean, it’s a nationally televised show. And I have to get dressed for every Zoom work call, so why can’t you guys?”

A few moments later, Kelly responded. “We are dressed. FCC rules, not mine,” she quipped. “I’ll bring it up at the next meeting.”

Since the coronavirus pandemic forced New York City to go into lockdown, Kelly and Ryan have been filming the show remotely. Because they don’t have their glam team with them, other viewers told the duo that they looked “shiny” on-air, which caused the former actress to respond once again.

“First of all, let me just say, to people commenting about our appearance, ‘How dare you and you’re lucky that we actually put clothes on. It’s harder than you think to roll out of bed and come to a TV show,'” she said back in May, and Ryan added, “It’s a disaster.”

When Kelly was quarantining with her family in the Caribbean, she said she had to borrow clothes from her daughter, Lola Consuelos, as well as use her “self-tanner” to look presentable. “All of my clothes, all of my hair products and all of my makeup is locked in the studio, which is closed because of everything that is going on,” the Riverdale guest star explained on April 19. ”I keep putting on my daughter’s self-tanner, thinking that will help.”

Even though Kelly and Ryan are doing it all on their own, we think they’ve done a fantastic job with their hair and make-up on Live!.