While most celebrities in Hollywood do their best to convince the public they’re not using Botox, Kelly Ripa freely admits the face-freezing treatment has done wonders for her appearance!

When asked about her favorite beauty products on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, the petite blonde immediately shouted “Botox!” much to the surprise of host Andy Cohen and fellow guest Anderson Cooper.

“Botox has changed my life. It’s cut my getting ready time in half,” the 43-year-old gushed, adding, “My eyelids are no longer resting on my eyelashes!”

kelly ripa

Kelly and Anderson on “Watch What Happens Live”

When Anderson commented, “But you don’t look like you’ve had anything,” the perky talk show host responded, “I think the key to everything is to knowing what you look like and being a minimalist.”

Kelly’s stance on the non-invasive procedure is nothing new. The mom-of-three told Elle magazine last year she gets injections by her eyes every seven months and injects her armpits to avoid sweating!

But the trio didn’t just talk about beauty. Later in the program, the guests were tasked with guessing who the celebrity mystery caller was, and let’s just say, Anderson hit a home run!

Watch the clip below: